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Extremity Mri

Extremity Mri

Magnetic Resonance Imaging refers to a non-invasive scanning method that does not utilize any radiation. In depth, three dimensional images are created with the help of magnetic fields and radio waves. This technology provides crystal clear images and can be used to take images of the soft and hard tissues in a human body. Are you looking to find a trustworthy extremity MRI near me? Look no further than Houston Rheumatology Institute.

MRI scans are used extensively for various medical purposes nowadays. You can use this method to spot an abnormality or injury. It can also be utilized to evaluate the damage from trauma occurred in the past. MRI plays an important role in surgery planning. Whatever might be your objective, you can contact us if you are searching for a trusted extremity MRI near you.

MRI is one of the best imaging modality to identify damage involving reproductive system, eye, musculoskeletal system, joints, blood vessels, and nervous system. This technology has also been found effective in detecting cancer, tumor, and other types of infections.

Unlike x-rays, radioisotopes and CT scanning, MRI uses radiofrequency waves, making it safer than other methods that use radiation. Radio waves detect differences in water concentration and distribution in various body tissues. Each scan can last from two to 15 minutes, but up to six images may be needed for a proper diagnosis, for an average total exam time of about 15 to 45 minutes. Because MRI extremity requires the use of magnetic fields.

The MRI procedure is an effective diagnostic tool that does not involve any exposure to radiation, and is the only procedure to produce images of the hard and soft tissue within the body.

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